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Manufacturing Innovative Products For Your Children's Coughs And Colds

Soothing Solutions products are 100% natural and provide comfort for your little ones when they are under the weather

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With over 25 years pharmacy experience, we know what your children need

100% Natural

Fun natural products that will assist you in providing comfort to your little ones with coughs and colds

Soothing Solution

When your children are suffering we offer you a safe and effective award winning solution

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Winner Irelands Best Emerging Business 2020

What We Do And Why

Little ones under 6 have immune systems that are still developing, they are susceptible to up to 5 cough and cold viruses per year! That is excluding all the other usual childhood illnesses such as chickenpox, tonsillitis, ear infections and exposure to many more at Montessori, schools and creches....the list goes on.

Parents of young children can do nothing to prevent these illness and when they occur, can only hope to manage the symptoms until their little person is well again.

Coming Soon

Launching In Pharmacies Nationwide Spring 2020

Meet the Team

Highly trained professionals committed to providing safe, effective, natural products, to soothe your children when they are ill

Sinead Crowther

Founder / CEO

Sinead has worked in pharmacies since the age of 15 and completed Pharmaceutical Technician training in Trinity College, Dublin in 1998. With over 27 years deep sector knowledge, Sinead was frustrated with the lack of products available to children with coughs and colds. Determined to change that and bring an effective solution to the market Sinead founded Soothing Solutions in 2017.

Denise Lauaki

Chief Operational Officer

Denise has held a number of leadership positions within varied organisations throughout her career. This experience has lead her to focus in on creating healthy workplace environments that allow employees to thrive in their roles. As a mother of four young children, Denise is excited to work alongside this team, bringing innovative products to the market that make a difference in the lives of young families.

Sean Gilbride

Food Scientist B.Sc M.Sc

Sean is a Senior food scientist & lecturer in St.Angela's College, Sligo. We are delighted Sean agreed to work alongside us in developing products, that he also believes in. As a progressive, experienced, senior research/development executive with over 20 yrs experience in leading new food innovation, nutraceuticals, and food regulatory affairs, we are privileged to have Sean as part of our team.

Your Little Ones are Susceptible to up to 5 Coughs and Cold Per Year!

During the winter months parents can visit their local Pharmacies almost weekly desperately trying to source suitable solutions to these symptoms for their child who is suffering. There is nothing worse as a parent than to see your young child in pain.



Our small daughter caught a common virus which put her in hospital and took her well over 6 weeks to recover. My options were very limited to try and give her relief. I'm so happy to have another product on the market to help comfort her especially one she's sure to find tasty

Cori Calvert

Mum to Meara

I was part of the focus group of mums in the development of these products. I find them a really useful product as there's so little on the market to offer kids when they have a sore throat. The kids loved the product and loved using them. I find it's great that we can give them comfort for their sore throat, while also giving them something that's 100% natural.

Katherine O'Neill

Mum to Fionn, Cilian & Fiadh

Keep an eye out for us in your local pharmacy, as our first product is due to launch nationwide this year. You can stay up to date with our journey by connecting with us through the following platforms:

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